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Mark Lytle


Mark’s journey with hot air balloons started when he was very young. His parents would take him to the Battle Creek Balloon Festival every year. From the moment he saw his first hot-air-balloon he was hooked! Aviation became his passion. 


With his dad by his side, they would build and fly remote control planes and launch amateur rockets into the sky. As Mark grew older, learning to fly was at the top of his list. He started with engineless gliders, and at the age of 14, he was comfortable being towed and released into the sky to glide on his own back to the surface. At age 17 he became a fixed wing pilot and by his early 20s, after having built his own hot-air-balloon, he was piloting lighter-than-air aircraft.


Ballooning has taken Mark all over the world. He rarely misses an opportunity to get his feet off the ground anyway he can. As a commercial hot air balloon pilot, Mark absolutely loves to share the amazing adventure of hot air ballooning with people.


Mark and his wife Ellen are both active in the sports of ballooning and fixed wing aircraft.



(269) 327-6446

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