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Brock Sperry


Brock started ballooning in 1984, born into the sport as the son of a Kalamazoo area balloonist. He quickly learned the ropes at a very early age, crewing not only for his dad, but also for Michigan Balloon Corporation. He quickly became an asset as a member of our ground crew. The camaraderie associated with ballooning has led to a lifelong friendship resulting in Brock’s involvement with Michigan Balloon Corporation for many years.


In 2002 Brock enlisted in the United States Air Force serving for six years on active-duty status. Once back in the states, Brock followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a second-generation hot-air-balloon pilot. Not content to stop with his private certificate, he went on to earn his commercial hot-air-balloon pilot’s license as well.


Brock has traveled the county through his involvement in ballooning and dreams of furthering his experience by flying in Europe one day. Brock loves educating people as a certified flight instructor for hot-air-balloons. Above all, Brock’s real joy is in taking people for rides and introducing them to the magic of flight.


Brock is married to wife Lea who also shares in Brock’s passion of ballooning.



(269) 327-6446

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