Ron started ballooning in the spring of 1976 and has logged more than 5,000 hours in balloons, thermal airships and airplanes, giving him the distinguished designation as Master Pilot and one of the country's most experienced hot air balloon pilots. 


In 1978 Ron became a corporate pilot for Sid Cutter’s World Balloon Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


In 1979 Ron was selected to test and pilot a new type aircraft - a thermal airship, designed and built for Anheuser-Busch.  He was one of four persons in the world authorized to fly these "hot air blimps" commercially.


Ron returned to Kalamazoo in the winter of 1981 and formed SKY SPORTS, INC., which became Michigan Balloon Corporation in 1985 providing hot air balloon rides in the Kalamazoo area which continues to this day.


Ron's career in ballooning has taken him to many exciting and prestigious events across the country, most notably, the New York and Boston Marathons, the Super Bowl, the World's Fair in Knoxville and for three years, the Indy 500.  He was also one of forty select pilots from across the nation invited to participate in the 1980 Winter Olympics by flying his balloon over the stadium during the opening ceremonies. In March of 2001, Ron borrowed a Russian built hot air balloon and flew it over the North Pole. Ron has also attended the Leon International Balloon Festival in Leon, Mexico multiple times.



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Ron - A long time ago!