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What is a tethered balloon ride?

A tethered balloon is tied to the ground with three very strong ropes that keep the balloon from flying away while the balloon is in operation for your event. This allows us to accomodate a large group of people (2-3 at a time) at your location. (Location  must be approved in advance.)


When can we tether?

Balloons can be tethered any time of year, weather permitting. Just like our standard balloon flights, the best time of day is within two hours of sunrise or sunset. The winds and thermal activity are usually diminished during these times. Sometimes it is possible to tether during mid-day, however, the chance of a successful event is reduced.  Other factors come into play also, but the winds are the most crucial.

What is the duration of the tether event?

The event time is scheduled for up to two hours in duration. Extra time may be arragned in advance for an addition fee. Tethered rides are between fifty and a hundred feet high which is determined by the wind, terrain, location and the number of passengers.

When May We Schedule a Tethered Balloon for Your Event?

To Schedule Call:

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